A Spanish company that LAFOOBE LLC. has granted GÔK’s manufacturing and distribution license. The refreshing drink made of bamboo extract, without gas, without preservatives, without preservatives. It has unique taste and aroma.
It was born after 9 years of research and development as a pioneer in the innovative beverage market.
Bamboo is rich in organic silicon. It helps to improve the cardiovascular system and eliminates the aluminum that accumulates in the body. MUNDO GÔK was created with your well-being and the environment in mind.

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About the company

LAFOOBE LLC. is a company with broad criteria of “agility and flexibility” promoting respect for the environment and thus avoiding damage to it, in the most ecological way possible taking advantage of natural resources and minimizing the impact on them.

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Why GÔK?

Health benefits of Gôk
It contributes to sustainability
Refreshing drink of Bamboo extract
No sugar, no preservatives, no dyes, no gas
100% recyclable packaging


Beneficios Saludables de la Bebida GÔK

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