GÔK is a refreshing bamboo extract drink in a 500 ml bottled,  with an intense flavor, zero calories, no sugar, no gas, no preservatives, no trans fats, and  no caffeine or theine. It also contains Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system. Its organoleptic properties give it an unique refreshing taste and the aroma of bamboo.

Contributes to the sustainability:

Sustainability: Bamboos generate three times more oxygen and absorb four times more carbon dioxide than other plants,  reducing  global warming.

Gok being made with bamboo extract, is the most sustainable and nature friendly drink. We do not cut down the bamboo, because only by pruning it, you get all the benefits of its essential nutrients for our health.

This extraction process also allows the growth of the plant, making it more vigorous. We help to repopulate the bamboo forests. Would you like us to invite you a Gok?

Bamboo contains Organic Silicon:

Bamboo is the richest natural source of this trace element, it contains 75% organic silicon, especially in the stems, shoots and leaves. Drinking bamboo extract is one of the best ways to increase the content of organic silicon so essential for the proper functioning of our organism.

Contains Potassium:

The high potassium content present in bamboo helps the proper functioning of the nervous system and regulates blood pressure.

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